New contact block push button without screw

Selector Push Button Switch

Selector Push Button Switch

New contact block push button without screw
ANU Push Button Switch
LA139R 11XD/11/02ZY
FOB Port
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Product Description

Selector Push Button Switch Feature:

Installed diameter 22 mm
Protection grade: IP40/IP65/IP66
Solid, reliable and 3, 000,000 mechanical life,  500,000 electrical life
50,000 hours working life of the LED indicator
With flatpressing and slow-moving contacts, larger electrical gap and current carrying capacity
Frosted button, not easy to skid, feel better
Zinc aluminium alloy cap
Anti-shedding design of fastening ring
Head mounting with two direction head mounting
The contacts contain 30% silver and can carry high current

Mode and Meaning

Push button code

Design the serial number

Contact Blocks

10 = 1NO

01 = 1NC

11 = 1NO+1NC

20 = 2NO

21 = 2NO+1NC

12 = 1NO+2NC

30 = 3NO

03 = 3NC

Operator Mode

Lamp Block

Lens Color

Voltage Code

BN Flush Momentary Pushbutton

HD Projecting Momentary Pushbutton(IIIuminted)

T  Flush Maintained Pushbutton

HTD Projecting Maintained Pushbutton(IIIuminted)

D  Flush Momentary Pushbutton(IIIuminted)

M  Pushbotton,Mushroom(Momenrary ∅40)

X  Standard handle

MT Pushbotton,Mushroom(Momenrary,∅40)

Y  Key Switch

MD Pushbotton,Mushroom(Momenrary,IIIuminted,∅40)

TD Flush Maintained Pushbutton(IIIuminted)

MTD Pushbotton(Maintained,IIIuminted,∅40)

H  Projecting Momentary Pushbutton

RG Pushbotton,Double

HT Projecting Maintained Pushbutton

DRG Pushbotton,Double(IIIuminted)


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Products's Application

It is widely used in electric power,machinery,energy communication,aerospace,transportation,metallurgy,petrochemical,textile,shipping and other industries.

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